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of course the senior slideshow is blocked in my country on copyright grounds -___- welp, guess it wasn’t meant to be. (at Cendaña Castle)

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Zup fierce man?! Haha meet my fave blogmate, Christian. 😁👍


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my dad WOULD have a drinking session in our SHARED air conditioned bedroom -__- #itsmorefuninthephilippines #sike #theyreusingmydesk (at Cendaña Castle)

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fookin LOVE this show!!! hopefully they get renewed for another season :-) #mmfd #mymadfatdiary

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Jhene Aiko - My Afternoon Dream

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‘please dont be gay porn’ i whisper as i scroll down tumblr in public

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Christian flies to the Philippines. Once he arrives, he realizes he has traveled back in time and has been retro-evolved into a caveman. He must now survive with what knowledge he has— none.” - ccloying

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shoes in the ‘office’ today. (at JIMMY at The James)